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New Delhi

BSES launches citizen partnership

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Power distribution company BSES has launched “BSES Vishisht Sahayogi,” a new partnership initiative with eminent citizens in its licensed area in the Capital. The unique initiative was launched by Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Kiran Bedi here on Saturday.

BSES CEO Arun Kanchan said: “As part of the initiative, BSES will engage in a meaningful two-way dialogue with the Vishisht Sahayogis for the larger benefit of each of its 25 lakh consumers. Senior officers of the company will regularly share with the Vishisht Sahayogis – the bridge between BSES and its customers – the company’s ongoing plans, the challenges it faces, the efforts it has made to meet the growing expectations of the consumers and how their cooperation can take the mission of serving consumers to a new level.”

BSES has invited eminent citizens and opinion makers from its licensed area with a zeal for public good and concern about the welfare and development of their area to be its Vishisht Sahayogis. In the first phase of the initiative, it has appointed over 151 such associates of whom 85 are in BRPL areas and 66 in BYPL zones.

BSES will also organise regular “educative” trips for its Vishisht Sahayogis to its installations like grids, sub-stations and call centres. Describing the role of these people as “pivotal,” BSES said it would empower them to be important stakeholders and agents of change in the power development scenario of their area.

A BSES spokesperson said that the Vishisht Sahayogi initiative seeks to build up a mutually beneficial partnership between BSES and its customers. The programme will enable BSES to get a better feedback and insights into the specific needs of an area and help design area-specific deliverables.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Bedi observed: “Such partnership initiatives lay the foundation of trust between various stakeholders and help bring about positive change. My motto in life is that nothing is impossible, no target unachievable – one just has to try harder and harder.”

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