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Three meet records set

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Tintu, Salim provide a satisfying start

— Photo: S. Gopakumar

PHOTOFINISH: M.M. Anchu (left) had to ward off a stiff challenge from M.S. Darsana to win the senior girls’ 100m hurdles.

Kottayam: The establishment of three new meet records by Tintu Luka (Kozhikode), M.M. Anchu (Kottayam) and

Mirza Salim (Thiruvananthapuram) provided a satisfying start to the athletic events of the 51st Kerala School Games at the Nehru stadium here on Monday.

It was, as usual, a hectic day as the track and field finally woke up to present some of the best moments of the six-day event.

However, there was nothing noteworthy in the level of performances during the morning session before Anchu, Salim and Tintu took the proceedings to a higher plane, by coming up with their record-breaking efforts.

Anchu’s effort, as it is, did also bring about a lot of cheer for the home team camp, at the end of a pulsating final in the senior girls’ 100m hurdles.

The J.J. Murphy HSS, Yendayar, student was challenged all the way by Kozhikode’s M.S. Darsana and the two were involved in a dead heat before the photo finish camera gave the verdict in favour of Anchu.

It was evident right from the start of the race that Anchu was not going to have it easy as expected.

Competing from nearby lanes, the two were almost together as they went through the hurdles displaying good speed and deft technique.

The tension was quite palpable as the two finished the event in a blanket finish, right until the announcement that Anchu had won the race.

The Kottayam girl was timed at 14.88s as against Darsana’s 14.93s.

Incidentally, the timings returned by both these athletes were better than the existing meet record of 15.00s, set by C.T. Raji in 2004.

Tintu cruises

Tintu, on her part, faced no such problems as she got into the lead by the end of the first 80m and then remained there right through the rest of the race.

A protégé of P.T. Usha, this young athlete looked to be tiring fast as she entered the home stretch.

But then, the 12th standard student, who had represented the country in the last years Asian Games in Doha, still was successful in rewriting her own record in the senior girls 400m, set in Palakkad in 2006. Tintu’s timing was 56.31s as against her last years effort of 56.54s.

Mirza Salim, hailing from Puthukuruchi in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, too was an easy winner in the senior boys 110m hurdles.

Salim also gave a good account of his technique as he sailed through all the 10 hurdles in fine fashion, before breasting the tape in a new high of 14.07s.

This effort of the 15-year-old student of OLM HSS also erased T. Thalibs meet record of 14.10s that had stood the test of time since 1995.

Ernakulam in the lead

At the end of day one, holder Ernakulam expectedly was in the lead at the top of the points table with 99 points, thanks to the big contributions of St. George HSS and Mar Basil HSS, both from Kothamangalam, who accounted for 95 points between themselves.

Palakkad was in the second place with 44 points, ahead of the third-placed Kottayam (28).

The results (General Schools): Boys:

Seniors: 400m: 1.Robin Rose Mani (Idk), 48.23s, 2. Vikas Chandran (Ekm), 48.57s, 3. N.N.Manukumar (Ekm), 50.33s. 5000m: 1. K.S.Sujumon (Pkd), 15:16.10s, 2. P.K. Anil Kumar (Ekm), 15:43.60s, 3. V. Vishnu Kumar (Pkd), 15:44.50s. 110m hurdles: 1. Dileep Venugopal (Ktm), 15.30s, 2.R. Binu (Ekm), 15.90s, 3. Sijo Joseph (Knr), 16.12s. Long jump: 1. Basil George (Ekm), 6.79m, 2. C. Muhammed Sadik (Pkd), 6.68m, 3. R. Anuraj (Ktm), 6.62m. High jump: 1. Jessin J. Varghese (Ekm), 1.94m, 2. Josin George (Ekm), 1.83m, 3. Abdul Latheef (Tsr), 1.83m. Shot put: 1. K.A. Joseph (Ktm), 11.25m, 2. Basil George (Ekm), 11.06m, 3. Ervin T. Joy (Ekm), 11.03m.


400m: 1. Vivek Priyan (Tsr), 51.42s, 2. T. Sawnthar Raj (Ekm), 51.65s, 3. Nithosh Thomas (Pkd), 51.79s. 3000m: 1. Anumod Soman (Idk), 9:09.08, 2. C.B. Vipin (Pkd), 9:10.20, 3. Deepumon Joseph (Idk), 9:25.50.

100m hurdles: 1. Mirza Salim (Tvm), 14.07s (NMR; Old Record 14.10s, T. Thalib, 1995), 2. Jithu Johny (Pkd), 4.22s, 3.Anto Joy (Ktm), 14.59s. Long jump: 1. U.N. Kamesh (Ekm), 6.45m, 2. Binish K. Shaji (Ekm), 6.32m, 3. Jithin Babu (Pkd), 6.09m. Javelin throw: 1. P.V. Riyas (Pkd), 45.23m, 3. Sachin James (Kzde), 43.46m, 3. Binumon Peter (Idk), 43.18m.


400m: 1. Lijo Mani (Knr), 53.15s, 2. Akhil Babu (Tsr), 57.82s, 3. Edwin David (Ekm), 57.88s. 80m hurdles: 1.Gladwin David (Ekm), 11.84s, 2. P.P. Sunil (Pkd), 12.11s, 3. T. Mani (Idk), 12.40s. High jump: 1. T. Safeer (Wyd), 1.53m, 2. R. Anoop (Klm), 1.50m, 3. Alsted Dsilva (Ekm), 1.45m. Discus throw: 1. R. Jayaram (Ekm), 37.22m, 2. Adarsh Pullokaran (Tsr), 32.03m, 3. K.T. Mujeeb (Knr), 30.94m.


Seniors: 400m: 1. Tintu Luka (Kzde), 56.31 (NMR; OR: 56.56s, 2006), 2. E.M. Indulekha (Ekm), 57.83s, 3. M. Haseena (Pkd), 1:00.34. 5000m: 1. M.V. Remeswari (Pkd), 18:24.00, 2. V.S. Sukanya (Pkd), 18:39.40, 3. Princy Chacko (Ekm), 18:45.70. 100m hurdles: 1. M.M. Anchu (Kmt), 14.88s (NMR; OR: 15.00s, 2004), 2. M.S. Darsana (Kzde), 14.93s, 3. U. Jaseena (Pkd), 16.42s. Long jump: 1. S. Aparna (Ekm), 5.40m, 2. V. Neena (Kzde), 5.19m, 3. P.J. Josmi (Ktm), 5.09m. Discus throw: 1. Ginchu Jose (Ekm), 28.36m, 2. Rintamol George (Ekm), 27.64m, 3. Sneha R.Iyer (Pkd), 27.34m.


400m: 1. Aswathy Mohanan (Kzde), 57.59s, 2. Princy Mary (Ekm), 58.25s, 3. K. Sinsha (Ekm), 1:00.35. 3000m: 1. Desty Sunny (Ekm), 10:12.89, 2. M.D. Thara (Pkd), 10:21.50, 3. Sereena Sunny (Idk), 10:37.51. 100m hurdles: 1. Julin Cleetus (Ekm), 16.76s, 2. V.M. Surya (Ktm), 17.82s, 3. Saranya Sajeev (Ktm), 18.19s. Pole vault: 1. K.K. Anoosha (Ekm), 2.60m, 2. M.G. Anju (Ekm), 2.40m, 3. K. Midhuna (Ktm), 2.30m. Shot put: 1. Neena Elizabeth (Pta), 9.41m, 2. Toniya Chacko (Ekm), 8.77m, 3. Shany Abraham (Ekm), 8.74m.


400m: 1. A.P. Shielda (Alp), 1:03.91, 2. Sophy Varghese (Pta), 1:04.15, 3. Geethu Sabu (Idk), 105.36. 80m hurdles: 1. P. Merlin (Pkd), 13.31s, 2. Salini Joseph (Idk), 13.67s, 3. T.S. Arya (Ktm), 13.91s. Long jump: 1. Sneha Raj (Tsr), 4.74m, 2. Jenimol Joy (Ktm), 4.49m, 3. T.S. Arya (Ktm), 4.48m. Shot put: 1. Amitha George (Ekm), 7.70m, 2. M.B. Drisya (Klm), 7.61m, 3. Clodiya K. John (Ekm), 7.37m.

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