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Love triangle with a dash of comedy

"Hearts of Three" stole the hearts with its moments of hilarity and sadness, says DIWAN SINGH BAJELI.

A scene from "Hearts of Three".

`HEARTS OF Three', presented by the Second Year Acting Course students of Shri Ram Centre For Performing Arts at its auditorium this past week offers hilarious moments alternated by the moments of intense sadness. One of the engaging aspects of the production is consistently impressive performance by the cast which displays enthusiasm and ability to perform both tragic and comic roles.

Directed by Neeraj Wahal, the play is the stage version of Hearts Of Three, a short story by a prominent Russian writer, Mikhail Zoshchenko. The Hindi adaptation is done by the director himself. It deals with marital discord. There is an element of love triangle that causes complications and heartbreaks. As far as the elements of comedy are concerned, these are drawn from the mother-in-law and a harassed chairman of a housing society forced to intervene in adisgusting quarrel between a husband and wife.

It all begins with an angry husband slapping his wife, who leaves him in a huff. The tactless husband wants his wife back home, ready to accept all her conditions. An ad is given to a newspaper. The husband goes on pestering the chairman of the society to help him out in a matter that is strictly personal.

Way with words

The angry wife happens to meet an artist on a beach who has a way with words, words highly romantic that can mesmerise any young woman in need of love. The estranged wife finds bliss in the company of the artist but is soon discarded by him. Despite the fact that the artist discards her once, she once again becomes the victim of his honeyed words. The artist seems to be interested in sexual conquest.

Meanwhile the lonely husband meets his sweetheart of college days and in her he finds a woman who loves him and together they can make a fine couple. The estranged wife is gradually trying to come to terms with her situation. However, the delayed publication of the ad given by the husband creates a topsy-turvy situation.

Some farcical situations are created by the husband's encounter with the editor of the newspaper. The arrival of the demanding mother-in-law on the scene reinforces farcical flavour. Free from the clutter of unnecessary stage properties, the pace of the production is fast.

Amlendu Dasgupta as the chairman of the housing society is eminently comic. Raj Vats in her outlandish dress presents a humorous picture of a demanding mother-in-law. Vakil Singh's artist, who knows how to win hearts of young women, is convincing. Saurabh Sharma as the husband and Khushboo Duggal as the wife reflect emotions, anxieties and feelings of a couple constantly at war with each other. Broken-hearted, the husband and wife have reached a stage where they are far far away from rapprochement and seek conjugal bliss in remarriage.

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