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Onyx beauties visit Kochi


INDO-PAKISTANI bhai bhai has graduated from cricket to onyx. Mined from the mountains of Baluchistan, and crafted by expert artisans of Karachi, the lovely artefacts displayed at the Kanakadamodar hall in Kochi tell the new story of quiet trade between the two countries. "It's the first time that we are bringing these things to Kerala," said Feroz Mohammed, who is holding the exhibition of onyx and marble ware along with furniture.

From cute wine glasses (Rs 400 minus a ten percent discount on all items) to huge columns (upto Rs 10,000), the collection has tortoises and frogs that the feng shui - minded want. The cheapest are small swans in marble and onyx, priced at Rs 50. Dinner plates come at Rs 600 a piece and table lamps at Rs 400. There are clocks, ash trays, vases, fruit trays and paper weights.

The polishing is all done by hand though machines are used to chip away the insides of some pieces, says Mr Mohammed. There are 12 colours in onyx and they are shades of brown, green and also white. The chess boards cost Rs 600.

He got this collection from his friend who exhibited these at Pragati Maidan recently. "Next time, I'll bring jewellery too," he says. The exhibition is on till June 22.

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