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Celebrity TIME

Pic. by N. Sridharan

When P.C. Sriram, Poongothai Chandrahasan and Karthik Kumar arrived one hour late for the Swatch Valentine's launch, the company gave them a watch each.

Okay, so perhaps the gifts weren't really meant to be part of some grand plan designed to cure Chennai's cinema world of the `fashionably late' fever, but you have to admit - they were an ironically apt choice.

The one hour wait for the celebrities, however, threw up a lot of interesting ideas on how to... um wait for fashionably late celebs at a watch store in Spencer Plaza, on Valentines Day: -

You could watch Swatches patiently going "tick-tock" together for sixty minutes like a grand, and very colourful, orchestra.

Or, sneakily try to burst the overly cheerful heart shaped balloons bobbing about the Swatch store.

Or, learn about Swatch and Swatchers: The watch, which originates from Switzerland, is popular among the "young and young at heart" in India with it's very funky designs and colours. It's been in India for two years and the Swatchers plan to bring Swatch for children to India in a couple of months .

Which brings us to the Swatchers — people who work for Swatch. As their Brand Manager Mohan Kumar says, proudly waving about both his Swatch-laden wrists, "We Swatchers aim to be different." Even if they have to wear two watches, apparently.

Once P.C. Sriram and his bright young debutants arrive, they're promptly inducted into the Swatcher family - even as the crowds outside stomp the life out of a rash of helium hearts suspended outside the store. As Poongkothai and Karthik charm the crowds with big we're-happy-to-be-here smiles, Mohan Kumar straps Valentine's special `Enigmatic Love' watches (a watch that's "dark, divine and desiring to be discovered, according to a Swatch press release) on their wrists.

Poongkothai and Karthik star in P.C. Sriram's "Vaanam Vasappadum." The movie, P.C. says, will be released in April.

Or perhaps May, if he plans to stick to celebrity time despite his new Swatch.


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