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JAZZ and Blues afficiandos cannot afford to miss "The Blue Moon" concert slated to happen on June 5 at the Birla Sabhaghar. Some of the great names of Kolkata's western music scene like vocalists Pam Crane and Anjum, Willey Wlters (bassist), Nondon Bagchi (drums) and Anto Menezes (piano) will come together to perform numbers by such jazz and blues greats like Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Cole Porter, Queen Sylvia Embry, Carmen MacCrae, DeeDee Bridgewater and Eva Cassidy. Presented by Seagull Empire and Congo Square, the concert will bring back to the city quality music that it hasn't heard for years.

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DEMONSTRATING that art has no barriers, the International Young Artists Organisation is hosting an exhibition of works by contemporary artists from India, Bangladesh, Korea and Bulgaria at the Chitrakoot Art Gallery. Titled "Parallel Streams", this exhibition is a tribute to harmony and unity and the artistic spirit. On till June 7.

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ON June 7, Seema Sirohi's, groundbreaking study Sita's Curse will be launched at Oxford Bookstore and Gallery with the author present. This Harper Collins publication is distinguished from other dowry studies because it consciously avoided academic abstractions and theories, instead presenting in raw, uncompromising detail the voices of the victims themselves. Through the stories of six women belonging to different areas and communities in the country Sirohi shows that the dowry system is alive and thriving in India. Her study is made more effective by the use of primary source material such as interviews with police officials, women's' group members and legal persons.

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IN 1930 two of the greatest minds of the 20th Century met in Berlin: Rabindranath Tagore and Albert Einstien.

This interface was an amazing experience for both individuals, both philosophers in search of the same truth though their chosen paths may appear to be different.

To celebrate this meeting of geniuses, on June 5, Alliance Francaise in collaboration with the Calcutta School of Music presents "A Conversation Between Time and Eternity", an evening built around the theme of the Berlin meeting.

During the course of the event, the conversation between Tagore and Einstein will be broadcast, Baul and Bengali songs will be preformed and there will be a virtual string quartet.


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