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Illustrious son of kerala

V.K. KRISHNA MENON: By T.J.S. George, translated by K.N. Gopalan Nair; Current Books, Round West, Thrissur-680001. Rs. 100.

THIS MALAYALAM translation of T.J.S. George's biography of V.K. Krishna Menon in English first appeared in 1964, almost simultaneously with the original. It has been revised twice subsequently, and the volume under review is the second revised edition.

More than 28 years have elapsed since Krishna Menon passed away, and his memory is fading at the national and international levels. Although he spent most of his life elsewhere, his native Kerala remembers him as an illustrious son who had played his part on a wider stage.

This edition gives the new generation of Malayalees an opportunity to acquaint themselves more fully with his contribution to national life.


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